Bereavement Stationery


Contact: Carlo or Daniel

Phone: 03 7002 4059
Mobile: 0416 178 573
Fax: 03 8648 6333

Live Streaming and Recording

Our services are live-streamed via YouTube or via our website in one of two ways:

Public: The stream is available to all and you can search YouTube for the stream.

Unlisted: The stream is available to anyone who has been given a link. You cannot search for the stream on YouTube.

An online live chat can be enabled to allow the viewers to leave condolence messages.
We would recommend that if the stream is Public, this feature be disabled.

Common to all packages:
* Still images are displayed with soft music when the stream goes live (usually 10-15minutes prior to the service starting)
* Wireless microphones are used to mic up the celebrant and others who are participating in the service.
* If a Photo Slideshow is to be shown, it can be superimposed into the live stream, ensuring best quality.
* At the conclusion of the service, a still image is once again displayed along with soft music and then faded and the stream is stopped.
* The stream is available to be watched at any time from the link provided and has the ability to be paused, rewound, fast-forwarded, etc.
* Live chat can be made available.
* Following the live stream, it will remain active until we are informed to remove it from YouTube.

The Hold image within the Stream waiting room comprises
* The photo of the deceased
* Funeral Provider details
* Name of Celebrant
* If there are musicians, their names can appear
* Date and time of the service

Basic package:
* Consists of a one-camera feed and if there is a photo presentation, this can be superimposed into the live stream

Premium package:
* Consists of multiple camera coverage, including multiviews, text and image overlays
* An edited video of the live stream is sent to the family within days of the service. This is done via our Digital Pigeon file sharing service.

Graveside Stream:
* If done in conjunction with a church/chapel live stream, a discounted cost will apply.

Future Improvements:
* We are currently testing the ability for remote users to participate in real-time with the live stream audience using their smartphones. We have tested an iPhone version and are presently preparing to test Android devices such as Samsung phones.

Please note:
* Every effort is made to provide the best streaming quality based on Telstra as our 4G provider.

* In the event that the stream quality is affected, the service is still recorded and a new video link for the recorded version can be provided.


Live video is a powerful way to connect with people in real time We can connect multiple cameras to create unforgettable multicamera live videos complete with text, graphics, editing, and effects. Share the moment with the world by streaming directly to YouTube or via our Website.

Our software and hardware allows us to capture video from multiple camera angles - and edit them in real time into the live stream - helping you connect with your community in the most engaging way yet. Stream it live and record it for later use.

Use animated templates for text, titles, and social handles! It is easy to insert these while streaming live. You can also upload transparent PNGs for custom text elements.

Bring guest callers onto your live stream with Video Chat. Guests can join instantly from their computers or smartphones just by clicking a link you send - no special downloads required. So family and friends can give tributes from anywhere in the world in real-time.